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Camp Rover West

A summary of my trip to Bill Burke's Camp Rover West (Moab, Utah) in October of 2000.

Swapping a Starter Motor

Pictures and hints for replacing the starter motor on a `92 Range Rover.

photo logs: just a series of photos from trips

Cram Hill Camping

A few photos from our last winter camping run. Mid January in northern VT, air temps in the -20's, a great night to sleep under the stars


Photos of a few weeks wandering in Alaska. Southcentral to the Arctic Circle


The dangers of skiing in Cham... you just might want to go back.


Pictures from a trip around the Northeast (VT, Quebec, Labrador, New Foundland, Nova Scotia, Maine)

OEX Driver Training

Driver Training weekend at Overland Experts in Hadlyme, CT.

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